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iLux | Broadcast

The iLux ATSC 1.0, 1.0 Mini and the ATSC 3.0 encoders support every function and feature of any ATSC encoding requirement.

iLux | Live

Offering live encoding, decoding, and transcoding for any format to any other format, iLux Live is a necessary tool in the complex multi-format world. 

iLux | File

iLux File is the fastest file-based video ingest, processing, and distribution application, and  assures exceptional quality at the lowest required bandwidth.


Blazar’s just-in-time transcoding at up to 100x real-time reduces overhead, storage, and saves time.

User Interaction

All igolgi products have user defined, field tested, and proven GUI interface technology

24/7 Support

igolgi is an American company with 24x7x365 US-based support.

 Reliability & Security

Linux OS and in-house design, software development and manufacturing assure ultra-

reliable product performance

Leading Through Innovation

Our advanced codecs and optimized software algorithms provide the best video quality in any resolution.

BlazarTM is igolgi’s ultra-fast

just-in-time transcode platform

The iLux platform utilizes the highest grade COTS components running Linux.  Every system is designed, assembled, and tested in our own facility. We have proven five 9’s reliability and 24x7 support  to ensure your success.

iLux ATSC 3.0 encoders have two distinct workflows.

The igolgi ATSC 3.0 encoding platform enables configuring the encoding process as required. The entire process can be located at the studio/playout facility or split, with encode/transcode functions at the studio and signaling delivery and broadcast gateway at the

transmitter. This enables maximum user flexibility to design the appropriate system for the specific

needs of the customer. igolgi also makes extensive use of SRT technology to provide secure transport

over public networks.

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

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