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Any format, any time, any place.

iLux Live, iLux File, Blazar… distribution to fit your exact needs.



iLux Live is a software-defined platform enabling any format to be easily transcoded to any other format.

iLux file can cost-effectively and reliably convert studio masters to linear or ABR formats for distribution.

Blazar just-in-time transcoding streamlines workflows for any facility that requires super-fast transcoding up to 100x real-time.

The igolgi Advantage

 Years of providing compression solutions to large and small broadcast, cable and satellite providers


Field tested and proven installations 


Reliability through in-house design, assembly, testing, and support


About igolgi

For over a decade igolgi has provided innovative, flexible, and high-quality solutions for the broadcast, cable, LPTV and professional, education, and government markets. 

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Tel: 609-334-5978 

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