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The first step is to learn about your needs and then schedule a demo.

iLux D-Cloud

Cloud Based File & Live Transcoding for Distribution and OTT

Leverage our Robust iLux File & Live Transcoders

in the Cloud

Professional Hands-off Transcoding for Flexible Distribution


Private/Public Cloud

Trusted by US Cable Companies serving millions of customers for over 10 years, our field hardened performance is now available in any public Cloud or your private Cloud. Exercise using convenient APIs. Set up quickly and get operational in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Pay as you Grow

Only pay for what you use. Highly efficient usage of CPU or GPU as appropriate to give you the most cost effective solution tailored for your problem

Operational Support

Our US based world class engineering and support team will get your deployment and work flow perfected for your requirements. Whether you want to do VOD transcoding or LIVE stream transcoding, talk to us.  We welcome any workflow challenges.

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