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The iLux ATSC 3.0 is part of the igolgi software-defined family of encoding and distribution solutions

Integrated & compact

Integrated and compact. Includes encoder, signaling server and broadcast gateway for ATSC 3.0.

Highly efficient

Support for up to two 4K, 8 HD or 25 SD.

Advanced technology

GPU/CPU based platform running sophisticated algorithms developed specifically for ATSC 3.0 encoding, transport, signaling and operations.

Easy integration

Flexible interface for any studio/transmitter combination.

Ease of operation

Simple set up with intuitive web interface.

Operational flexibility

Easy integration of additional services.

  • Up to two 4K, 8 HD or 25 SD channels of encoding

  • Flexible input options - IP, ASI or SD/HD-SDI/3G-SDI

  • Flexible output options – IP Unicast/multicast or encoder DASH output

  • Integrated or split architecture – encoder+signaling server+broadcast gateway or encoder with DASH output, signaling server and broadcast gateway in remote location

  • A.324 compliant output to feed single or SFN transmitters

  • Aggregate up to 20 live and NRT streams for ATSC 3.0 delivery

  • ESG metadata processing - integration with variety of guide providers (Optional)

  • NRT and interactive applications delivery

  • ROUTE to deliver MPEG DASH Segments

  • SLT and SLS signaling tables generation and transmission

  • MMTP support to deliver media processing units

  • Encapsulated ROUTE and MMTP streams in to STLTP broadcast gateway

  • Automatic configuration of ATSC 3.0 exciters and individual addressing

  • Multiple subframes and multiple physical layer pipes (PLP) management

  • 4 PLP support, 8 PLP optional

  • PTP/NTP source synchronization

  • Optional SRT support to feed transmitter over IP


Count on iLux ATSC 3.0 NextGen Pro
all day, every day

The iLux platform utilizes the highest grade COTS components running Linux.  Every system is designed, assembled, and tested in our own facility. We have proven five 9’s reliability and 24x7 support  to ensure your success.

iLux ATSC 3.0 NextGen Pro is powerful

The iLux platform offers exceptional video processing and advanced software algorithms for the highest quality and fastest throughput available. Easy to set up and monitor, iLux offers a variety of hardware and software configurations appropriate for any broadcast application.

ATSC 3.0 NextGen Pro


The iLux encoding system can be configured to meet your specific needs

Split Architecture

Integrated Architecture

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(609) 334-5978

The first step is to learn about your needs and then schedule a demo.

Highest Reliability

Our transport processors have carrier grade four 9s reliability

Simplest to Use

Our enhanced user interface makes set up, monitoring, and changes fast and simple.

Most Configurable

VSB,  QAM, Satellite or IP inputs are all configurable for maximum flexibility.

Easiest Upgrade

Update the software and change out hardware (if required) to keep you future proofed.

Superior Support

Our support is USA-based, and our PremierPlus® gives you 24x7x365 expanded support and service.

Best Value

igolgi has it all: technology, flexibility, expandability and suppor at a price that will surprise and please you.


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