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Flexible inputs

Ingest a variety of formats from a local source or remote location.

Easy conversion

Create linear or adaptive bit rate (ABR) streams for distribution to a local archive, MAM, or a remote location.

Fail safe redundancy 

iLux File includes redundant scheduler and webservers to distribute transcoded material to worker nodes which ensure timely job completion.

Powerful workflows 

Web and RESTful interfaces assure easy integration with other applications.

Simple control

Built-in diagnostic and management tools make iLux File simple to set up, control and manage.

Multiple streams

HTTP Live Streaming and DASH format support.

The iLux File distribution platform assures exceptional quality, speed and reliability.

  • Input formats include MPEG 2 TS, MPEG4

  • Multiple file format support

  • Outputs include MPEG2 TS, MP4, HLS, HDS or smooth streaming transport packaging 

  • SD and HD formats on inputs and adaptive multi-stream outputs

  • MPEG2/H.264/HEVC full two pass encoding 

  • DASH format 

  • HTTP  live streaming format 

  • Microsoft smooth streaming format 

  • Compatible with Concurrent eFactor, Wowza Media Server, MSFT IIS, and AdobeFMS

  • Simultaneous VOD file creation in all modes

  • Multi-resolution, multi-frame rate in all modes

  • Milti-channel audio support

  • MCTF de-interlacing for highest video quality with interlaced inputs


iLux file is robust

iLux has flexible and redundant scheduler and web server to distribute all file conversions to worker nodes which use failsafe methods to ensure timely job completion with no downtime.

iLux File is adaptable

iLux file is a scalable solution that can ingest a many different formats from local or remote sources and create linear or ABR streams for disseminating material to a local SAN, NAS, or asset management program, or to a remote location


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Highest Reliability

Our transport processors have carrier grade four 9s reliability

Simplest to Use

Our enhanced user interface makes set up, monitoring, and changes fast and simple.

Most Configurable

VSB,  QAM, Satellite or IP inputs are all configurable for maximum flexibility.

Easiest Upgrade

Update the software and change out hardware (if required) to keep you future proofed.

Superior Support

Our support is USA-based, and our PremierPlus® gives you 24x7x365 expanded support and service.

Best Value

igolgi has it all: technology, flexibility, expandability and suppor at a price that will surprise and please you.


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