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The iLux ATSC 1.0 is part of the igolgi software-defined family of encoding and distribution solutions

Flexible inputs

iLux encoders offer up to 4 SD/HD-SDI, ASI, IP or analog inputs.  New format?  Just swap out a card. iLux is ready for today…and tomorrow.

Flexible outputs

Dual redundant ASI and IP outputs. You won’t lose valuable content with iLux.

High quality STATMUX 

True multi-pass with no compromise in quality.


iLux offers numerous types of selectable video encoding combinations and bit rates. Configurations are user definable and simple to change.


iLux supports static PSIP and seamlessly integrated dynamic PSIP with no external server required.

Upgrade to ATSC 3.0

Always an upgrade path, update software and hardware (if required) and you have ATSC 3.0.  iLux protects your investment!

  • Flexible multi-channel encoder to fit any station requirement

  • Statistical multiplexing with 3 pass MPEG for superior video quality

  • Dynamic CALM Act loudness control

  • EAS support through analog or IP interface

  • Logo insertion

  • Text scrolling feature with full week schedule

  • Hourly station callout

  • Static or dynamic PSIP modes

  • Video scaling and frame rate conversion

  • Multiple audio programs per channel

  • Full closed captioning compliance

  • Fully configurable and flexible web-based management and control

  • Customizable software platform ensures easy integration of many optional functions

  • SDI, ASI, analog, and IP inputs in any combination

  • Simultaneous and redundant IP or ASI outputs 

  • 1 + 1 redundancy available with instant failover switch 

  • SNMP for monitoring


Wide array of standard features

Included with the basic package is integrated Statistical Multiplexing which optimizes video quality across all the channels being encoded. In addition, the iLux platform supports Dynamic CALM audio loudness control and offers EAS integration through an analog or IP input interface.

Optimized for performance

iLux includes the highest level of MPEG2 Encoding performance for superb video quality along with the industry’s most flexible interface support. The iLux platform scales to any number of channels needed including mixes of HD and SD and can support compressed or uncompressed source inputs

ATSC 1.0
igolgi atsc1.0 Chassis


The iLux encoding system can be configured to meet your specific needs

Studio Workflow

Encoder Workflow

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(609) 334-5978

The first step is to learn about your needs and then schedule a demo.

Highest Reliability

Our transport processors have carrier grade four 9s reliability

Simplest to Use

Our enhanced user interface makes set up, monitoring, and changes fast and simple.

Most Configurable

VSB,  QAM, Satellite or IP inputs are all configurable for maximum flexibility.

Easiest Upgrade

Update the software and change out hardware (if required) to keep you future proofed.

Superior Support

Our support is USA-based, and our PremierPlus® gives you 24x7x365 expanded support and service.

Best Value

igolgi has it all: technology, flexibility, expandability and suppor at a price that will surprise and please you.


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