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A Flexible Multi-Channel
SRT Gateway

Advanced Transport Processing Platform

To transport live video securely and reliably over the public Internet or a private IP network, there is no better solution than the igolgi iLux-TRANSPORT product family.


The iLux | Transport Flexible, Secure and Reliable

Reliable Media Transport

  • Secure Reliable Transport

  • UDP/IP in/out

  • SPTS,MPTS in/out

  • All Audio/Video formats carried over Transport Streams Supported

  • SRT Caller, Listener, Rendezvous modes

  • Input: HLS profile selection and ingest

Secure Media Transport

  • SRT Native Decryption and Encryption – 128/256 AES

  • SPTS or MPTS can be secured

  • All Audio/Video Formats carried over Transport can be secured


  • Up to 32 independent SRT channels

  • Split MPTS to SPTS with independent SRT controls

Exceptional Reliability

  • 99.999% reliability, systems running 12+ years

  • 1:1, N+1, or N+M Redundancy available

Advanced Platform Features

  • Fanless, Rugged form factor

  • 1RU short depth form factor

  • Available as a software license, appliance, or cloud instance

System Adaptability

  • Interface to CDNs or other cloud infrastructure

  • Low Latency, and configurable to tune SRT for your network conditions

Secure Operation

To transport live video securely and reliably over the public Internet or a private IP network, there is no better solution than the igolgi iLux-TRANSPORT product family.  Getting your media streams from point A to point B securely and reliably can be done in a variety of ways.

The iLux-TRANSPORT system has demonstrated its reliability for many years, successfully handling thousands of live channels 24/7 for top-tier providers in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, and OTT sectors.  

Straight Forward Operation

Since iLux-TRANSPORT is software-defined, simultaneous functions and system reconfiguration is straightforward, providing a powerful and future proofed system.   A convenient Web interface with a very rich and easy to navigate User Interface together with diagnostic and maintenance tools makes for simple set up and management. 

  • Securely transfer point to point a mpts or spts over any network, public or private.

  • Securely transfer point to multipoint a mpts or spts to multiple destinations.

  • Split out the programs from a MPTS and securely transfer a subset of the programs to 1 or many end destinations.

  • Securely transfer ATSC 3.0 STLP to a transmitter site or multiple transmitter sites

  • Convert an incoming VBR MPTS or SPTS to CBR and transfer it to any point or multi-point destination.

A Few Examples of Potential Uses

iLux-TRANSPORT is controlled via a feature rich Web Interface which includes real time status information and SNMP MIBs to trap events and alarms. 


Highest Reliability

Our transport processors have carrier grade four 9s reliability

Simplest to Use

Our enhanced user interface makes set up, monitoring, and changes fast and simple.

Most Configurable

VSB,  QAM, Satellite or IP inputs are all configurable for maximum flexibility.

Easiest Upgrade

Update the software and change out hardware (if required) to keep you future proofed.

Superior Support

Our support is USA-based, and our PremierPlus® gives you 24x7x365 expanded support and service.

Best Value

igolgi has it all: technology, flexibility, expandability and suppor at a price that will surprise and please you.


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