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Blazar is part of the igolgi software-defined of family encoding and distribution solutions

Smart packaging

Each 1 RU chassis enables 20x real-time transcoding.  Unique software enables 5 chassis (only 5 RU) to transcode material 100x faster than real-time.

Just-in-time (JIT) transcoding 

No need to transcode multiple profiles in advance.  Create only the highest bandwidth profile and let Blazar create all lower bandwidth profiles as requested, on-the-fly.

Advanced technology

Blazar uses igolgi’s patent pending software layer combined with a unique CPU/GPU processing engine for exceptional speed and accuracy. 

Easy integration

Flexible interface for any studio/transmitter combination.

Saves bandwidth 

By storing only the highest bandwidth profile, Blazar reduces storage required by 50-65%.

Amazingly fast bulk transcoding 

Transcode a 2-hour HD movie in 1 minute (with optional engines) and generate multiple profiles. For television syndicated programs, all segments, breaks, and time code remain intact.

Dense Live and File Transcoding

  • The dense multi-GPU based Blazar platform is very efficient for live and file transcoding applications. Compared to a traditional CPU based architecture, Blazar is up to four times as dense for the same performance metrics.

  • Blazar supports H.264 and HEVC outputs in the transcoder (this can be set up on a program by program basis) much like the traditional CPU based systems

  • Blazar provides all the I/O flexibility of the CPU based systems and the same convenient Web based user interface for setup and operations

On the Fly Lower ABR Profile Generation

  • In most IP based Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) delivery systems, multiple profiles of the content are created (either for live, DVR or VOD applications)

  • In practice, most clients request the highest profile most of the time. Creating/storing all the profiles for very infrequent use is a waste of compute and storage resources

  • Blazar offers a solution to recreate all the lower profile streams on-the-fly and on-demand with the highest profile as the starting point. The system is architected to keep up with the real-time delivery schedule. This saves on storage and initial processing to create and store all lower level profiles for all content. 

Live-Ad Insertion

  • ILive dynamic Ad-insertion is a challenging problem to accomplish in real-time situations. Typically, an ad needs to be downloaded, transcoded into ABR profiles and inserted into the outbound ABR workflow in a matter of a few seconds. 

  • Blazar can accomplish dynamic ad insertion in real-time for both H.264 and HEVC ads

  • The Blazar Live Ad-Insertion application can be invoked by external applications through a convenient API call or can be integrated into third party applications 


Blazar's "secret sauce".

The secret sauce is the software layer that is contained in the Orchestrator. This component manages the workflows through the GPUs and very efficiently manages the additional GPU hardware resources (Workers) to accomplish on-the-fly transcode performance at blazing speeds.

Blazar is fast!

Blazar uses the power of the latest GPU technology and an efficient and proprietary software layer that manages the GPU resources very efficiently.

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Highest Reliability

Our transport processors have carrier grade four 9s reliability

Simplest to Use

Our enhanced user interface makes set up, monitoring, and changes fast and simple.

Most Configurable

VSB,  QAM, Satellite or IP inputs are all configurable for maximum flexibility.

Easiest Upgrade

Update the software and change out hardware (if required) to keep you future proofed.

Superior Support

Our support is USA-based, and our PremierPlus® gives you 24x7x365 expanded support and service.

Best Value

igolgi has it all: technology, flexibility, expandability and suppor at a price that will surprise and please you.


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