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As OTA grows, ATSC 1.0 Channel Count Can Be Doubled With igolgi’s New XScale Encoder

The new XScale encoder enables up to 24 SD channels or a combination of HD/SD channels, greatly increasing OTA revenue opportunity

Princeton, NJ, March 15, 2023 – The igolgi XScale ATSC 1.0 was designed to take advantage of the current cord-cutting phenomena. Talk to us at NAB, igolgi booth W-1572. As the price of all delivery services increase, the appetite for free OTA viewing is following suit, with as many as 50% of American households moving from cable and satellite to streaming and OTA, according to recent trade journal reports.

Both full-power and LPTV stations can reap the benefits of this shift by using igolgi’s new XScale ATSC-1.0 Encoder. Broadcasters who adopt XScale can more than double their existing channel count compared to older ATSC-1.0 encoders.

According to Jeff Zhu, igolgi Broadcast System Product Manager, “we designed the XScale to enable full power stations and LPTV facilities to increase their channel count as cord-cutting increases. XScale is the ideal product to provide more local content, which combined with streaming, is a growing viewing model.”

The new XScale includes H.264 encoding technology compliant with the ATSC A/72 specification for superb video quality with expanded channel support. Using H.264 encoding and the latest CPU technology, the igolgi XScale platform supports up to 24-ATSC 1.0 output channels and can support any combination of SD/HD-SDI, baseband, ASI, or IP inputs. Based on igolgi’s new dual technology encoding platform, XScale can also be configured as a combination MPEG2/H.264 encoder enabling a mixture of MPEG2 and H.264 output channels that are statistically multiplexed together for the most efficient use of the broadcast spectrum whilst maintaining backward compatibility with older MPEG2-only receivers.

As with all iLux ATSC encoders, the XScale model offers the industry’s most flexible interface support and easiest configurability. The XScale provides a complete ATSC 1.0 solution for encoding, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), analog or IP-based Emergency Alert System (EAS), CALM Audio loudness control, Hourly Station Callout, and more.

The XScale can be upgraded to ATSC 3.0 when the need arises as igolgi already offers an advanced ATSC 3.0 NextGen encoder that has been deployed in many markets.

About igolgi: First and foremost, igolgi is an engineering and development company. Our engineering staff has years of experience in every type of compression and encoding technology, and we are experts in software control and interface. From HDTV, social media streaming, smart devices, and interface to cloud and third-party applications, igolgi provides the most innovative, flexible, and robust encoding and transcoding solutions available today.

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