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Join Industry Professionals to discuss:

  • How does ATSC 3 enhance broadcast workflows?

  • What features and functions are available and working today?

  • What functionality is close at hand and what is projected for later implementation? 

  • How can ATSC 3 enable cloud-based transmission?

  • How does the IP component add potential revenue streams and make monetization a reality?

  • In addition to OTA broadcast, how does ATSC-3 open new doors in other markets?


ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV: “Fact, Fiction, and the Future”, October 27, 2021  2:00 PM EDT

This webinar is presented by igolgi, a 12-year old “pure play” compression and encoding organization with over 700 installations. igolgi senior engineering staff hold over 150 patents, and have been active in broadcast, cable, LPTV, and government security. ​

Featured Presenters 

Jay Gedanken

VP of business development

Paul Dadian

VP of broadcast sales and operations

Kumar Ramasawamy


Jeff Cooper


Rich Hajdu


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